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Story Behind MillyBox

The milly box is a custom designed animal transport box with a difference

This project has come about as a result of my personal experience with transporting my pet dog milly. When she had to be taken to the vet with a ruptured disc. Have you ever tried to get a sick or injured animal into a regular animal transport box? And worse still tried to get them out? Tipping the box up and shaking them out, while all the time having to watch the animal struggle in pain? Well this is what happened with milly and I, and I hated it.

I worried about making her injury worse and inflicting more pain,  And couldn’t bear the thought of having to repeat this experience. So i came up with the milly box! The animal transport box with a difference.

The milly box is designed to open at the top, not just the front. The milly box has two wings secured on the top of the box, with clips, allowing the box to open up fully for safe and easy insertion and removal of the animal or pet.

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What Professionals Say

“Why has no one done this before?”

George Schofield
canine-chiropracto, OAM, Dog Legend

“This animal carry box will address a major issue of inserting and extracting an injured animal from a transport box. There is definitely a market for this issue"

- Dr. Simon Kudnig
BVSc, MVS, MS, FACVSc, Dip ACVS (Small Animal Surgery)

Unique Features Of Milly Box

Its main feature is that it opens from the top. so you can insert and extract an injured animal without causing it more pain and stress

  • the top opens and closes by clipping or unclipping 4 clips, that lock it all into place.
  • has 4 retractable wheels on the bottom and a retractable handle that pulls up from the back, so it can be wheeled around like a trolly
  • meets all I.A.T.A standards, so it approved to be used as animal transport box on a plane